Bush Info
Updated 1/7/16

3. Sep. 1973 to Nov. 8, 1994:

Harvard until his term as Texas Governor

A. 1977-1989

According to MBA Registrar Services at Harvard on 1/8/2016, "George Walker Bush attended Harvard Business School from September 1973 through June 12, 1975 and was awarded a Master in Business Administration degree on June 12, 1975. Please note that we release transcript only with the alum's written permission."

B. 1991-2004


After Harvard, Bush moved back to Texas to start a career in the oil business.


In 1977, Bush founded Arbusto Energy in Midland, Texas, which became Bush Exploration, and merged with Spectrum 7 Energy Corp. in 1984, and with Harken Energy Corp. on Sep. 22, 1986. In November of 1993, Bush resigned from the Board of Harken.


In 1978, he ran for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from Midland,Texas, but lost.


In 1987 through 1988, Bush worked on his father's presidential campaign.


Bush and other investors picked up the Texas Rangers baseball team in the first quarter of 1989.

C. Personal Life: 1976-1981


On Sep. 4, 1976, Bush was arrested in Kennebunkport, Maine, for drinking and driving, paid a fine and had his driving privileges revoked for a time in that state.


Married Laura Welch on Nov. 5, 1977. Their twin daughters Barbara and Jenna were born on Nov. 25, 1981.

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